The Start of This Beautiful Mess

Once in a while, you get to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself. Something that you could possibly have never even dreamed. This experience started for me on august 5, 2015. This day is significant because it was the day that I found my forever, the day I knew everything was going to change, that my past was no longer important but my future. That future is Miss Jessica Larson, and on February 6, 2016, Jessica Larson will become Jessica Burleson.

I cannot describe the feelings I have inside me or do them any justice with these words. They are beyond compare to this season in my life. I am just so thankful to be on this journey and to have a chance to be the man God has called me to be in leading this woman! I love you Jessica Lynne!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life – and it keep growing each day! You’re a true gift from the Lord. I will treasure you as long as we live! Love you forever and always Matthew Gene!

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