This Day and Age

It’s hard to know which way to go. We are pulled in many different directions and have so many people and things trying to influence us and draw us one way or the other. It gets overwhelming and most people, myself included, just stop and say it’s easier to stand still than to exert effort only to find out it was the wrong way.
A band I used to listen to a long time ago, has a song called Second Place Victory. There is a line of lyrics in the song that at first glance is a simple concept, but in reality, is much more than that. The line is “Learn the sound of following all that is complete”.
Growing up, it was often hard in crowded places for me to find my dad sometimes or him to find me. I would search for him, but if I couldn’t find him I would get upset or sad. I would feel this way until I would hear this high pitched whistle. You see, when my dad wanted my attention or wanted to find me, he would whistle really loud. Whenever I heard that whistle I knew exactly where he was. This didn’t happen by accident either. I knew the sound of my dad’s whistle; I had learned through the years what it sounded like and what it meant.
To learn the sound of something, means to have heard it so often, you intimately know it. That even the hint of that sound can be heard among the noise, no matter how loud it is.


All that is complete is a phrase that can mean many things to different people. It can be an abstract idea in your mind, in following a path to completeness that leaves nothing left or wanting. It can be a specific goal, or maybe even a person. To me, it is a person. He is ALL THAT IS COMPLETE and if I can learn to follow His heart and all that He is, my life will become a beacon for His love.

I want to know Him so intimately, that even the sound of His voice leading me is ingrained into the essence of who I am. I encourage you, that if you are at a crossroads and don’t know which way to go, take some time to listen, to learn the sound of following all that is complete. Don’t stay in one place, follow that sound even if it doesn’t make sense. If you forget what it sounds like, learn again. Be still and listen.

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