As I think about the future, I cannot help but envision all the amazing things that will happen. I have a hard time focusing on the things that could possibly go wrong, not that I want to by any means, but I also know that having blinders on to those things is not healthy. I am not saying I am looking for things to go wrong, I am saying that if we aren’t aware of the pitfalls coming our way, we will fall.
There is a fine line between being cautious and being consumed by fear. You cannot live your life consumed by fear. It will eat you from the inside out. This fear, whether it is about things that could happen, or things that have happened that might happen again, cannot be allowed to control you; but at the same time you cannot throw it to the wind and ignore it.
For example, my ex-wife and I were pregnant at one time. We miscarried and it was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. The miscarriage started us on a path that ultimately led to our divorce. I cannot let my experiences in my first marriage dictate how I live in my new marriage. The fear of having another miscarriage and it leading to divorce in the future is a fear that is real to me; I have had a couple nightmares about it as well. This fear, is in the back of my mind yes, but I won’t let it control my life. I will eventual have kids with Jessica Burleson! She will be the mother of my children and we will have an amazing family one day. I will use the fear and experiences I have gone through, as a map to navigate through the experiences to come. If, for some reason, we do have a miscarriage – I have gone through it before and can be a rock for Jess and help us navigate through. So I will not let fear control me, but I will also not be naïve in the fact that the future is not set; so I will be vigilant and prepared.
My life, thus far, is a culmination of events that can provide a learning experience if I let it. The same is true for you. Your past and experiences will help you navigate your future as long as you choose to not fear them but learn from them. On the same note, some of your experiences are not meant for you, but for you to impact someone else going through the same things you have gone through.
We are called to live a life of relationship. Relationships with those around us and with our Creator – we are not meant to exist alone. The victories in your life, overcoming the things you have, may be exactly what that person sitting in the cafeteria, the bus, the pew, the cubicle or wherever, need to hear. Everyone has a story, yours may be the difference between life and death to someone around you – don’t let fear of your past or your future hold you back from a life worth living.

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