More to Show


Have you ever thought about your life? I mean really thought about where you, what you are doing, and who you have become? When you do, what do you feel is the reason why you are where you are? I can guarantee that most of the decisions in your life can be boiled down to one thing, love or the lack of it.

Love, is such a hard concept to comprehend, and I don’t mean just the gushy I love you, or the generic, I love my car, etc. Love, in it’s essence, is something we will never fully comprehend in this life. We can only hope to imitate the one who is the author of love and is Love Himself. If you read about His life and His experiences, you will start to understand, the type of love we strive for. One that is selfless, abundant, never resentful, and always absolute.

We do have one thing in common with Him – His life (his earthly, human life), was motivated by love as well. The difference? An altruistic love that was propelled by one singular fact – you and you alone.

I know I can’t look back on my life and say my decisions were based on love for someone else. More often than not, I was motivated by a selfish ambition – that if I loved, in one way or another, it would benefit me.

The singular conclusion I have when thinking about all He did in his time on earth is this: there was always more love to show. He wasn’t a one-trick pony or a one-hit wonder. It didn’t matter what He did yesterday, last week, or what “we” did to Him – there was still love to show! Have you ever thought about what it would have been like? To be there with Him? To see the things His followers saw. I can imagine it would have gone something like this:

John: “I can’t believe He came to my house last week, and even more, He sat down and washed my feet…I mean, that is something that my servants should do.”

Peter: “You weren’t there yesterday, this guy came up out of nowhere, yelling he was unclean, so we were cautious to begin with; but He walked up the man and even touched Him. Can you believe that? After He did, He told the man to go the river and bathe. I heard today that as soon as he bathed in the river, he was healed.”

The stories that would have been told between His followers, would always seem like one-up stories. Have you had people like that in your life? Always something bigger and better has happened to them. They always have to have the last word and have the biggest “fish”. The disciples I’m sure were the same, but with a twist.

“Did you see how much Jesus loved that guy yesterday?”

“Well, that is nothing, what about that woman He helped yesterday?”

“Are you kidding me? I saw Him raise Lazarus from the dead! He must really have loved him!”

“Did you all see? He forgave that man who cursed Him, He forgave all those people who had Him arrested, as He died, He forgave everyone who did this too Him….”

Jesus’ entire life was a one-up story of love, building to the ultimate act of love. This act, provides a way for all of us, no matter what we have done, to get a glimpse of how true love should be lived. There is always more love left to show, just follow His example!

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son. That whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have eternal life.”    – John 3:16


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