Beckett Matthew

Beckett Matthew Burleson, you are such a joy. You are everything I have prayed for and hoped you would be. I cannot believe God has allowed me to be your dad! I cannot express just how grateful I am for that or how excited I am for the future and watching you grow into a young man!

I want to promise you that I will always be real with you. I will talk straight with you and not beat around the bush. I will be direct and upfront, but I will always present everything to you with a love that radiates from my Heavenly Father. I can’t promise you it will always be easy, but I do promise you, my love for you will be greater than anything that may come between us. I will always love you! My prayer is that you would grow and become a man of God who strives to please our God in everything you do. That I would be able to teach you respect and love for life that isn’t seen in this world. I hope that the love I have for your mother, and the respect I show her, gives you an example to model your future relationships after. That when you find that one girl, you will know that to love her, you must first love Jesus. He will always be your number one and your wife will always be number two.

With that being said, as you grow up and get older, always remember, your mom is my number 2. It is not because I don’t love you, but because she is my forever. I will always honor her and keep her above everything else in this world except for Jesus. You will be very close behind her, but the reality is, you will leave one day to start your own family and your mother and I will still be here, together. So for that reason, I will cherish her and love her in a way that is different than the way I love you. You are my son, you always will be, no matter what! You are my legacy, and I hope that I can pass on to you the things that matter in this world and not the things that are fleeting or trivial.


God, give my child a youthful passion for the things that you love. May they be bold worshipers and witnesses for your Kingdom. (Prov 8:17)

Daily create a clean heart in my child and let that purity of heart continue all day long carrying over into their actions. (Ps. 51:10)

Father, may my child show an exceptional measure of respect to everyone they come into contact with, as Your Word commands. (Rom 13:1)

Every day I pray that my child falls in love with your Word. May they grow to find Your Word more “precious than gold and sweeter than honey from the comb.”
(I John 2:5)

“Heavenly Father, I pray that you would surround Beckett with a joy, passion, and love for you. That as he grows and gets bigger, so would his understanding of your love. That you would help his mother and I to set an example of your unfailing love with our relationship for Beckett to follow. I pray that you would protect Beckett from this world. That he would be set aside, for a greater purpose than I could even imagine for him. I pray you would protect his heart and his mind and allow him to grow in stature as a man of God. As you guide his steps, I pray that He would not depart from You.”

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